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    3 reasons why the April issue of Tax Code is important for civil society organizations and public bodies

    | Wrote: BPO AUDIT TAX
    Outreaching to good causes and social responsibility has always been important to our company (BPO) and employees (e.g. a fundraising evening organized with Crescendo Foundation, Family Day with guide dogs). Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that our new initiatives continue. With their professional knowledge our employees supported an important matter: they contributed to the April issue of Tax Code: Compass to civil society organizations and public bodies (Issue 2017/4), thus filling the gap left by the termination of publication Nonprofit Guide. More about us
  • Jelentős adminisztrációs többletmunkát jelentő változás az áfa bevallásban – készüljön időben!

    Much more administration in PIT return – be prepared on time!

    | Wrote: Éva Szőke-Solymosi
    Under Subsection (1), Section 169 of the VAT Act, from January 1, 2017 the customer’s tax number must also be indicated on the invoice, if the VAT content equals or exceeds HUF 100,000. (This limit was EUR 1 million in 2016.) More about us

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