• Changes in publishing financial statements

    Changes in publishing financial statements

    | Wrote: Renáta Béres
    Since June 1, 2018, the right of access to company portal has been necessary to publish the financial statements (delegated contact persons / authorized representatives or managing directors have right of access to the hosted storage of a company at the company portal), which means that financial statements can be published via the company portal. More about us
  • Accounting Act

    Changes in the Accounting Act 2018

    | Wrote: Anikó Romsics
    In July, Act C of 2000 on Accounting was amended in a number of respects. The date of entry into force is January 1, 2019, but several provisions may already be applied when compiling the financial statements of 2018. More about us

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You can make mistakes during setup a company. In one area it is not accepted which is the finance/accounting. This is why I choose BPO for this task.

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