• Important changes to the VAT

    | Wrote: Veronika Ági
    The VAT rule will change from 2014 More about us
  • car sales VAT

    Change in VAT rules relating to the sales of cars

    | Wrote: Erika Dudás
    Under the previous law it had to be examined during the sale of cars that at the time of the acquisition the invoice contained VAT or not. More about us
  • suspension and withdraw of VAT number

    Rules of the suspension and withdraw of VAT number in 2012

    | Wrote: Erika Dudás
    Tax authority applies the suspension of VAT number from September 2006, and the pretence of withdraw following the suspension.
    More about us
  • what to expect by a tax audit

    What to expect by a tax audit?

    | Wrote: Erika Dudás
    The main purposes of State Tax Authority audits in 2012 are the promotion of volunteer compliance with law, prevention, dissolution and sanctioning of intentional violation of liabilities. On behalf of this, the department of State Tax Authority dealing with tax and customs puts the application of new methods forward in its audit activity, through which unfair taxpayers can be filtered, the potential scope of taxpayers can be explored, the factual scope of taxpayers can be expended. More about us

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