Registered office service

We provide company seat service for our clients in our office located in the diplomatic quarter of Budapest.

Reducing tax risks
In the Hungarian tax system the presumption of service of documents has a key role. Many of our clients make use of our company seat service because, owing to the nature of their activity, they can rarely be found at their headquarters and, for example, a letter from the tax office not taken over may result in serious fines or even the suspension or cancellation of the tax number. The letters we receive will surely arrive at the sender. Our colleagues can immediately take the necessary steps needed in order that our clients should not be penalized because the letter has been delivered at the wrong time.

Budapest address, prestigious seat
It is important for our clients with their seats in the countryside to have an address in Budapest that they can give to their customers. This is due to the fact that they have a small number of administrative staff or the managing director is responsible, inter alia, for all the administrative tasks. It can also happen that the administration of a foreign subsidiary is provided by the parent company and therefore we need to send them all the papers and letters translated into English.

Use of the meeting room
The execution of a meeting can cause difficulties for companies with a foreign owner or management. It has already happened that job interviews for management positions took place in our office. But we have also provided a meeting room and support staff for business meetings.

Our office in Budapest is located only a few minutes away from the city center in the green belt. Due to the excellent transport possibilities, it is easily acccessible, that is why there are several consulates in our neighborhood. We offer seat service only for clients who use other BPO services as well.



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