• Auditing obligations 2014

    Auditing obligations 2014

    | Wrote: László Killik
    Auditing obligations 2014
    When is an audit mandatory? Who appoints the auditor? Who can be appointed as auditor? More about us
  • Book of Lists audit, accounting and tax consulting services

    Book of Lists 2013/2014

    | Wrote: László Killik
    The Budapest Business Journal issues every year its Book of Lists publication, which is one of the most thorough business information publication in the market. More about us
  • tax conference

    Tax Conference 2014

    | Wrote: László Killik
    This year we're organizing a tax conference related to the following year changes as well. More about us

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You can make mistakes during setup a company. In one area it is not accepted which is the finance/accounting. This is why I choose BPO for this task.

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