We have taken the following protective measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus:

  • We provide home office work for all our staff members.
  • We have limited the number of people in the office for tasks that still require personal presence.
  • We pay special attention to keeping the prescribed safety distance and following the hygiene guidelines in the office.

Receiving Clients and Visitors in the office:

  • In accordance with the regulations in force, our office receives Clients and Visitors at an agreed date.
  • Visitors are required to complete a COVID-19 declaration form prior to their visit, which they will receive from their contact person at MGI-BPO.
  • Visitors must wear a mask throughout their entire visit and use the hand sanitizer displayed in our office.
  • If our visitors do meet the conditions contained in our COVID-19 declaration and/or fail to comply with our mask policy and hygiene rules, they will be asked to leave.