Creative industries

The more an industry is creative, the further away its leaders are from the constraints of the financial-accounting standards.

Today they typically operate as non-profit business associations, but most of them have only recently moved to this type of operaion. The change without any transition battered many companies and forced them to call upon experts who have practice in fiscal and non-profit areas as well.

Whether it is fine art or perfomring art, artists must finance their activities from some source. Tax on payments received for works sold or a performance often causes surprise as well as a calculation relating to a domestic or EU grant.

The film industry has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Government grants have been concentrated, so companies should take advantage of the opportunities as effectively as possible.

Without knowing the operating characteristics of the creative industries it would be difficult to give useful advice to our clients. Our colleagues' experiences and references help the companies to navigate in the fixed world of finance and accounting.

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