Governmental institutions

It is essential for the heads of governmental institutions to have stable and reliable financial and accounting background, because this is the only way they can perform their activities effectively and with lowest risk possible.

Risk management
The operation of governmental institutions is accompanied by continuous checks. A properly designed internal control system helps the managers by identifying high-risk areas and developproposals to reduce them.

Involvement of outside resources
Hungarian legislation does not always allow for resort to an external service provider to activities relating to financial-accounting administration. In cases when it is still possible, organizations can have access to competencies that greatly benefit their operations.

Use of grants
A number of domestic grants have been made to finance certain improvements and trainings. In case of grants above the threshold, condition for an effective financial recognition was the audit of the submitted documentation.

Governmental institutions typically take advantage of one of our audit services. Our colleagues are listed in the registered internal audit database of the Ministry of National Economy. Owing to our financial qualification at the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors we can provide our clients with useful and valuable services.

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