Full finance and accounting outsourcing

For some companies it is more preferable if all the financial and accounting functions are done by an external company. Before deciding on outsourcing entirely the financial/accounting functions, appropriate consideration should be given to the followings:

If you need to focus on the revenue
During periods when a company should primarily focus on their revenue generating processes, a lot of time and money is spent on developing a financial/administrative area which can adjust to the changing needs.

If it is not justified by the size of the company
Due to the complexity of the financial and accounting areas and the constantly changing tax environment, for some companies it is not economical to maintain a whole financial department by reason of their size. In such cases it is not only a cost effective, but also a risk reducing solution

If the number of administrative staff is too high
The more people work at a company, the more indirect costs are to be expected. Such costs include, in particular, office rent, vacancy ads, trainings, etc. All these shall be organized by the management, who could focus their valuable time spent on these administrative tasks to area that could better serve their companies' needs.

Operative control
Financial and accounting tasks are often left without executive control and monitoring at the companies. As a result, the organization cannot perform its tasks on time or in the expected quality. Outsourcing this area, the organization will have access to leaders with appropriate managerial skills who constantly control the processes.

If you have thought of any of the preceding points, you might want to consider the outsourcing of the financial/accounting area.

Our services are adjusted to the individual operation and needs of the companies. Due to our size, human and technical resources, we are able to safely serve the growth of a start-up, even up to a turnover of several billion HUF.

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