Retrospective accounting and reaccounting

In recent years, companies in many instances turned to us with the request of re-processing their accounts for a certain period. Reaccounting is recommended in the following cases:

IT error
Fortunately, rarely but it happens that data from the accounting program becomes inaccessible due to an error. In order to maintain continuity, these data shall be processed again.

The company has outgrown its system
In case of a rapidly growing company it happened that a period had to be reaccounted because the system was unable to provide past information needed for growth.

A tax audit is coming and the accounting is unreliable
If the numbers a manager knows about the company's performance are not echoed from the accounting and the number and type of errors in the accounting are inextricable, it is often worth reaccounting the entire year instead.

The auditor cannot issue an opinion
In most cases it happens with a fast-growing company that the management notices late that the accountant could not keep up with the increased volume or the complexity of the transactions. This in turn has lead to the fact that the auditor does not issue an opinion due to incomplete or poor records. Our clients often ask us to compile the necessary financial/accounting documentation before a BIG4 audit.

The company is about to be sold
Due to deficiencies identified during a due diligence, the buyer often includes the cost of "cleanup" in the purchase price. Therefore, before a statement of intent of sales, our clients would like to have their accounting not bearing such a risk

Owing to our wide range of experiences, we are able to thoroughly assess our clients, because BPO has experience in tax audit, audit and due diligence as well, so we can provide useful advice for our clients on what documents should be replaced, clarified or arranged indispensably in order to achieve the selected target.

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