Forensic accounting services

In the areas of taxes, contributions and accounting, we perform our forensic accounting activities on the basis of the appointment of courts, prosecutors and the police, as well as assignments.

With our expert opinions, we help the appointers or our Clients to establish the facts and decide on the professional issue. Our carefully and thoroughly prepared expert reports can be used safely, and, above all, there can be no doubt about our impartiality. We only undertake assignments where we are convinced that we have the appropriate expertise and competence. BPO-AUDIT Kft. is included in the register of expert companies. Registration number: 009323. 

We carry out our expert activities as an expert company. In case of forensic auditor appointment, please indicate first the company and second our expert staff member corresponding to the area in question. 

To facilitate the work of the appointing courts and attorneys, we have gathered the information necessary to the appointment. However, if the information provided still does not prove to be sufficient, please contact us. 

Name of expert company: BPO-AUDIT Könyvvizsgáló és Vezetési Tanácsadó Kft.
Registration number: 009323
Company registration number: 01-09-728938
Registered office: 1146 Budapest , Zichy Géza u. 5. III/1-2. Hungary
Range of competenciestaxes and contributionsaccounting 


Ildikó Miszori
ID number: 272258
Range of competenciesaccountingtaxes and contributions 

László Vilmos Killik
ID number: 290178
Range of competencies: accountingtaxes, contributionsreal estate appraisal 

List of Forensic Experts of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice