SAP Business One

Accounting for small businesses in SAP Business One ERP system

Using SAP Business One on a daily basis often poses new challenges for those responsible for administering the company. Complying with complex accounting and tax rules and transposing them into SAP Business One can be a major challenge for users. Managing a new system at user level, or making optimal use of an existing one, can involve reorganizing workflows and redesigning the accounting system. Carrying out these processes properly requires human resources and effort from companies, for which there may not be sufficient capacity and expertise within the companies. Outsourcing these tasks to a specialized service provider may be an optimal solution. 

Tasks for which we offer a solution

As an SAP Business One partner, we provide our key user service as an independent party. Within the framework of this service, we can relieve the companies of tasks that facilitate that facilitate day-to-day operations and day-to-day use of SAP Business One. 

  • setting and parameterizing master data 
  • parameterization of general ledger, lists and reports 
  • guidelines for the regular query and use of general ledger, subledgers and reports 
  • help in the proper use of each module / accounting type 
  • managing error messages, finding solutions to fix the errors 
  • cooperation with the SAP consultant 
  • professional assistance in complying with accounting and tax rules 
  • contacting and providing professional assistance to other users 
  • modelling changes in test system 

To whom do we recommend this service?

  • companies that do not have a local key user, 
  • the employment of the local key user is not needed or solved, 
  • day-to-day accounting is carried out within the company but there is no chief accountant or professional manager who can perform key user tasks, 
  • the company would like to have external security controls to make sure that the system operates according to the accounting and tax rules, 
  • just starting to use the system, 
  • need to make changes to the system due to a change of profile, the introduction of a new profile or management needs, 
  • who think that an SAP Business One Support Service would be helpful. 

How can we support your business in running SAP Business One?

  • continuous fulfilment of key user tasks 
  • ongoing (even daily) contact with Client-side staff members 
  • continuous guidance on compliance with the Hungarian Accounting Act and taxation legislation 
  • guidance on the optimal design and use of the system for accounting and tax purposes 
  • professional guidance on the design and use of reports required by the management 
  • working with the SAP consultant as needed.

These are our principles:

  • professional and quality guarantee 
  • continuous availability 
  • compliance with deadlines 
  • communication in English on request 
  • independence 

Through our service, we can provide the companies with a key user who fully understands the operation and context of the program, addresses issues raised by other users on a day-to-day basis, and can help with any issues that do not required the assistance of the SAP consultant. 

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