We have been a member of one of the largest networks in the world since 2005

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is a global network of independent accounting, audit and tax firms in 102 countries.

The UK-based MGI Worldwide International Audit Network and the US-based CPAAI (CPA Associates International) merged on January 1, 2020. This is how a new association with 251 member firms worldwide was created, of which we, BPO, are also an active member.

TOP20 accounting network

MGI Worldwide is one of the TOP20 accounting networks in the world according to a 2020 survey. Its member firms are key players in the audit, accounting, and tax advisory markets in each country.

MGI Worldwide is a member of the Forum of Firms




The Forum of Firms is the world’s largest association of international networks of accounting firms. Its members must operate a rigorous quality control system and be able to conduct international audit projects.

The story of the birth of our accounting network

In 1947, an advertisement from the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board appeared in a London newspaper. Applications were requested from firms of accountants to undertake the audit of the affairs of the Board of Ghana.

Several large international accounting firms submitted their applications in writing to the Board. H. A. Snelling, a senior auditor at Midgley Snelling & Co in London thought it was a great opportunity to set up an expert practice in Ghana. Instead of applying in writing, he decided the best way to win the appointment was to travel to Accra, Ghana and introduce himself in person to the Cocoa Marketing Board. Whilst flying over the Sahara, the aircraft crashed. However, he managed to walk back across the desert and caught another plane, eventually arriving in Accra.

He was the only accountant to travel to Ghana to apply in person for the audit work he eventually received. Then Snelling had to find a suitably qualified person who was interested in working in Ghana with whom he could set up his audit practice. This venture and the practice in Ghana proved to be very successful, so after client expansions, another office could be opened in Lagos, Nigeria. Over the years, many student accountants from Ghana and Nigeria were trained as accountants at Midgley Snelling’s London office.

Thanks to the continued expansion of international relations, the association was given the name Midsnell, which stems from the old telegraphic address of Midgley Snelling & Co. The association expanded steadily and in 1986, to reflect its international nature, adopted the name Midsnell International. The name was soon changed to Midsnell Group International and was eventually shortened to the MGI acronym in 2000.