Accounting services

Accounting firm with international background

MGI-BPO is an accounting firm founded more than 20 years ago, offering more than most similar service providers in Hungary. Our staff of nearly forty employees consists of accountants, auditors, tax advisors and payroll accountants. With this headcount and size, we are small enough to provide customer-driven services, but large enough to offer opportunities to our Clients.  

Accounting is a major challenge for most businesses and therefore requires significant attention from the management. Not all local management can professionally supervise these tasks. Fortunately, there is no need for the management to have up-to-date accounting and taxation knowledge. Outsourcing accounting, among other things, addresses this shortcoming.  

We recommend our accounting services to companies whose management is aware of their responsibility for financial reporting, and an important criterion for them is that the reputation of the assigned accounting firm should also reflect their commitment to quality.  

  • 20 years of experience in accounting and taxation at national and international level  
  • Customized, expandable services 
  • Communication in English 
  • International background (as the sole Hungarian representative of the MGI international network) 
  • Excellent technological background 
  • International quality control 

Our services can be used cost-effectively even by small startups: we adjust our services to their growth and growing needs. 

Flexible, tailored to specific needs 

An example of what we offer as an accounting firm:
Our client is a startup in HungaryTheir great idea entered the implementation phase, for which the researchers set up a company. Our Client knew that their company would not generate income but would most likely be acquired by a large investor. Consequently, the money invested spent on accounting was considered to be an investment that multiplied the value of the company. 

International accounting experience and background

Our services to Hungarian subsidiaries of large international companies focus on complying with local regulations and preparing regular reports in English. 

An example of what we offer as an accounting firm: 

A company listed in the US Stock Exchange, providing industrial IT solutions focuses primarily on development in Hungary. They did not want to set up a financial department in Hungary. So they entrusted us with carrying out their accounting and tax tasks in accordance with local legislation. We are in direct contact with the European Financial Center to handle the company’s financial and tax issues. 

Management support 

In addition to developing regulated financial processes, our services to small and medium-sized enterprises with rapid growth potential also include support for management so that financial administration can follow their growth. 

An example of what we offer as an accounting firm:
Our Client, a company founded by Hungarian owners, has undergone a growth in recent years that has put a heavy burden on the management: they could no longer oversee the changed financial, accounting and tax processes professionally, which has already limited their excellent business opportunities. To this end, we have designed, organized and operated the company’s accounting and tax administration tasks, which are often supplemented by our tax advisory services. 

Customer support solutions 

We are strongly committed to high quality services. We carry out our work in an environmentally conscious, cost- and time-efficient manner. That’s why our Clients’ invoices are received through an online file sharing system. As the Hungarian tax authority also requests invoices in PDF format in a tax inspection, our Clients can send us the required documents in accordance with the requirements of the tax authority, in a safe way, online, saving time and money. 

As part of our accounting services, our Clients can attend our monthly Business Breakfast Meetings and our annual tax conferences, where they can learn about the current and next year’s tax changes. The primary goal of our events is to enable companies to prepare for next year’s tasks, which, through accounting, will affect the company’s taxation and thus their expenses. 

If necessary, we provide the software, but we are also familiar with the use of other software should the need arise. The accounting software we provide is the accounting and administrative software of Kulcs-Soft, which ensures efficient work and meets modern accounting requirements in addition to operating in accordance with guaranteed legal regulations. 

Our technology partners: SAP BusinessOne, Kulcs-Soft.