As strongly committed to quality, we believe that creating real value and doing precise work is only possible on a strong foundation.

Our service culture combines the professionalism of international companies with the caring spirit of family businesses. Since 2001, our team and clientele have been growing steadily. At present, our nearly 40 employees work every day to provide the highest possible quality of services in the fields of accounting, payroll accounting, tax consulting and auditing that meet the needs of our Clients. As being strongly committed to high quality services, we believe that creating real value and doing precise work is only possible on a strong foundation.

Accordingly, we have built the quality assurance of our professional work and the development of our internal control environment on three pillars.

  • As members of the international association MGI, we participate in a regular and detailed Quality Review, which is performed by independent experts with many years of extensive professional experience based on a pre-defined detailed inspection plan.
  • We document our internal work processes and quality assurance policies and within the framework of internal audit, we regularly obtain assurance on the operation and effectiveness of the various controls built into the processes. All this allows us to make the pursuit of quality visible in every moment of our work.
  • Our quality control system and regulations fully comply with the requirements and guidelines set by the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors and the IAASB (International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board), which we support with regular external quality control.

Through our quality assurance system based on the above three pillars, quality is part of our daily activities and the basis of our professional work, and as a strong foundation it ensures that we can continuously provide our Clients with high-quality services that create real added value.

BPO management structure

BPO’s management is committed to the company’s stated values, which ensure that all available services provided to our Clients reflect a professional approach, quality, completeness, and efficiency. The company is managed by managers, who, in addition to ensuring and sustaining professional quality, also place great emphasis on management quality. In addition to applying effective and consistent management principles, the priority is to ensure individual development of employees (professional and other skills) and the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance. Staff members from each professional field work in groups, led by team leaders. In the groups, people with different professional experience work together, thus ensuring the sharing of knowledge within the company and the efficient allocation of tasks.




MGI Worldwide and the Network Quality System

After its founding, BPO sought opportunities for international cooperation, so in 2005 it joined MGI Worldwide. MGI Worldwide is an international network of independent accounting, audit, and tax advisory firms in over 80 countries around the world. This opened up the possibility of international cooperation, which has been operating efficiently and effectively to the satisfaction of our Clients ever since.

The primary goal of MGI Network Quality System is to ensure that individual members meet MGI Worldwide quality standards.
To verify this, the association has introduced  MGI Worldwide Quality Review, a comprehensive, detailed and independent review process covering all business processes.
In the MGI Quality Review process, independence and the development of sufficiently detailed, member-specific inspection plans are ensured with the involvement of SWAT UK, an internationally recognized consulting firm.
The on-site review is carried out by experienced and independent professionals appointed by SWAT UK, who prepare detailed documentation based on pre-specified criteria. The review is evaluated by the MGI Technical Committee with the assistance of SWAT UK.

The comprehensive quality review covers the following areas:

  • Compliance with the requirements of external regulatory environment
  • Internal Quality System and Regulations
  • Organizational culture and leadership
  • Quality and efficiency of services provided to Clients
  • Client acceptance process
  • Ethical requirements
  • Professional documentation
  • Handling of complaints and professional liability insurance
  • Human Resource Management: recruitment and selection process
  • Professional and other trainings
  • Data security, IT environment and controls

The quality system of the evaluated companies is rated between 1 (best rating) and 3 (worst rating). In 2017, BPO was one of the members appointed by MGI for review. Accordingly, the on-site review of our company took place in September within the framework of the MGI Quality Review.

Result of review:
Following the comprehensive review, BPO received the best rating.