Payroll outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing means more to us than preparing payrolls. Our payroll accountants are constantly assisting your business during your daily workflow. There is a menu item on this site for our Clients. On that page you will find many useful document samples, calculators, and professional materials. They all serve the purpose of ensuring that the payroll and labor issues are always accurate and completed on time in accordance with legal requirements and the Client’s needs.  

When to outsource payroll accounting

Outsourcing is not only a good decision because of the cost effectiveness. The difference between:

  • the payroll accountant’s salary,
  • other benefits,
  • workplace expenses,
  • payroll accounting software usage fee,
  • and the price of payroll accounting services

are often lead to outsource payroll outsourcing. 

Why to choose MGI-BPO as your payroll accounting service provider

Payroll outsourcing example

an experiences expert is needed also for small companies with 1-2 employees and factories with hundreds of employees

Our Client is a Hungarian company with a Hungarian owner, which also provides services abroad. It has 10 employees, so it does not count as a large company. However, due to the scope of its services, it has special payroll accounting needs, such as e.g. management of cost reimbursement for foreign business travels, payroll accounting of foreign daily allowances, dividends and interim dividends paid to the Hungarian owner,  payment of bonuses and avoidance of double taxation in case of posting abroad. 

As MGI-BPO knows the special needs. This type of payroll accounting and social security administration tasks are not a problem for us. 

Payroll outsourcing example

variable pay based on complex rules multiple shifts and shift schedules with different shift work and overtime allowances
a cost-effective solution is needed there is a cafeteria system

Our Client is a factory with hundreds of people, where the employees do shift work in the afternoon and at night, with 12-hour work schedules. Our Client requests the possibility of online records of attendance. It is also expected that checking the completion and transferring the data to the payroll accounting software should not be the Client’s responsibility. Net wages can only be seen by specific and restricted number of people. Therefore, net wages are transferred as a package to the banking software, thus, the transfers do not have to be recorded one by one. For a company of this size, reports and various lists are particularly important, the content of which can vary from month to month according to the company’s needs, as well as continuous availability, as in the case of such a large company, employees are coming and going continuously, sick pay, childcare benefits, shift changes, annual leave, etc. must be managed. 

With monthly payroll accounting for more than 2,500 employees and a state-of-the-art IT background, this type of payroll accounting is no problem for us. 

Payroll outsourcing example

our staff members regularly go abroad

Our Client is a foreign company not established in Hungary, which wants to employ a Hungarian employee in Hungary and only for this reason does not want to establish a company in Hungary. It requires that the entire payroll accounting, transfers, employment documents, employment contracts, monthly taxes and contributions to be transferred to the Hungarian tax authority should be in order. They want to get help if they have any special double taxation issues. As they are not in Hungary, their primary goal is to be able to arrange everything in just one stop 

The payroll accounting of such special needs is no problem for our experienced professional team. 

Customer support solutions of MGI-BPO as a payroll outsourcing service provider

We carry out our work in an environmentally conscious, cost- and time-efficient manner. That’s why our Clients’ invoices are received through an online file sharing system. The Hungarian tax authority also requests documents in PDF format in a tax inspection. Our Clients can send us the required documents in accordance with the requirements of the tax authority. Our soulution is a safe way, online, saving time and money. 

 As part of our accounting services, our Clients can attend our monthly Business Breakfast Meetings and our annual tax conferences, where they can learn about the current and next year’s tax changes. The primary goal of our events is to enable companies to prepare for next year’s tasks.