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It is essential in our profession to being up to date and accurate. A costumer-centric thinking and many years of diverse professional experience associated these at BPO which makes them professional.

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On June 7, 2018 the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary and the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors issued a joint notice drawing the attention of Hungarian enterprises to the following legal requirements.
Although Act C of 2000 on Accounting contains the requirements for the reporting and bookkeeping, unfortunately, some Hungarian companies belonging to an international group of companies do not fully comply with these standards.

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We're looking for an audit assistant. Apply for this position or share this possibility with your friends. Thank you.

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Certification of the annual financial statements by an auditor is a guarantee that the company complied with the professional standards and the relevant legislation when drawing up its financial statements. The practical benefit of an audit can be easily recognized in those special situations, when this credibility means a real financial advantage for an organization, for example, when an external investor is involved or a subsidiary’s audit report is accepted by a group auditor.

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