• Family-Friendly Company Award

    BPO Wins Family-Friendly Company Award in Mid-Sized Companies Category

    | Wrote: BPO
    This year the tender called for by the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement had a fantastic outcome for BPO: according to the professional jury’s decision, BPO has won the Family-Friendly Company of the Year Award in mid-sized companies’ category. More about us
  • Cafeteria 2019 payroll HUN in Hungary

    Changes in cafeteria from 1 January, 2019

    | Wrote: Ildikó Kóródiné Kovács
    According to the Act on Personal Income Tax adopted and promulgated at the early summer parliamentary session, substantial changes will be made to the 2019 cafeteria benefits if no new change is made to the Act at the end of the year. More about us
  • Tax Changes 2019 – Positive Changes

    Tax Changes 2019 – Positive Changes

    | Wrote: Renáta Béres; Csilla Bögre; Ildikó Kóródiné Kovács, Péter Biharvári
    The first round tax package has been adopted. Therefore, in order to facilitate timely preparation for the changes, we have collected the most important positive changes to be known when planning for next year. More about us

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Professional skills are expected in business life, but for us it is equally important the business empathy. We continuously get both from BPO.

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