What are some good questions an enterprise should ask when choosing an accountant?

Enterprises often find it difficult to choose an accounting firm, because they do not know exactly what accountants do and what they are responsible for. Therefore, we thought it is worth compiling 10 essential questions and considerations that an enterprise should take into account when choosing an accounting office.

1. Does the accounting office have reference in the particular industry?

You can save time and money if the accounting office has references in the given industry. There is a good chance that a question or problem has already arisen in case of another Client, so the accounting firm has good solutions and resolutions to offer.

2. How many people work at the office?

The number of office staff can provide guidance as to what possibilities the accountant of your company has for example for professional consultations. And of course it is also relevant that in the event of an influenza pandemic, tax returns can be submitted on time.

3. Where is the office located?

Today, in the world of online accounting, it is almost irrelevant where the accounting office is located. There are some cases, however, when the location does count. Every year a few essential meetings are necessary in addition to the telephone, email and other online communications.

4. How well is the accounting office equipped technically?

The effectiveness of accounting increasingly depends on technique. Accounting firms able to keep up with the growth of the enterprises have systems that are capable of supporting their clients whether they have a few million forints in revenue or billions.

5. How much liability insurance does the accounting office have?

If security is important and the accountants want to take responsibility for their work, they have appropriate amount of insurance coverage.

6. Are there tax advisor colleagues working in the office?

In each company’s life sooner or later the question of how the taxation of a transaction should be handled in the most effective way arises. If a tax advisor is working in the accounting office, then in collaboration with the accountant they can certainly propose a good solution.

7. Is payroll the responsibility of the accountant or are specialized payroll accountants employed?

In smaller accounting offices, payroll tasks are carried out by the accountants. It provides greater security if payroll accountants deal only with payroll and accountants only with accounting tasks.

8. Does the accountant speak English or other required foreign languages?

In case of foreign owners or international relations, direct communication with the accountant may be necessary.

9. How long has the accounting office been operating?

In certain respects, age matters: the older an office is, the more practical experience it has in organization management and the preparation of reports.

10. Does the accounting office have international relations?

In today’s globalized world, almost everyone happens to have questions about the taxation of or business opportunities with another country. If a local accountant can give help in all these questions, it means plus points by all means.

+1. Is there anything not listed above, but you consider it to be important?

Please, send your contribution to us and we will complement the list, thus providing key aspects for the enterprises when searching for the most appropriate accountant.

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