Changes to the itemized tax of enterprises with a small tax base (KATA) in 2014

1. Clarifying the concept of full-time small taxpayer:
The person who has split employment and the duration of employment in their labor relations altogether is up to 36 hours a week is not considered to be a small taxpayer.
Furthermore, a person is not considered to be a full-time small taxpayer either if they have already been qualified as such  in another enterprise.

2. KATA (itemized tax of enterprises with a small tax base) plus:
A full-time small taxpayer may opt for it if they pay a higher amount of itemized tax (KATA): HUF 75,000/month instead of HUF 50,000. This choice can be reported any time and the higher tax shall be announced from the month following the announcement. The advantage is that the basis of the benefits will be HUF 136,250 instead of HUF 81,300.

3. Registration requirements are simplified:
Small taxpayers meet the registration requirements if they fully keep their invoices and receipts, so there are no revenue record keeping requirements.

4. Clarification of the termination of taxation:
– if taxation is terminated due to tax debt, it shall be interpreted on a net basis
– taxation is not terminated if a taxable person resigns, if a new person is registered the day after the resignation.

Changes to the small business tax (KIVA) in 2014

1. tax base corrections have been specified:
– repayment of small business tax (KIVA)
– Repayment of tax of the period prior to the taxability period
– payment of small business tax (KIVA)
Applicable even for 2013.