• PIT return in Hungary: the most important deadlines

    PIT return: the most important deadlines

    | Wrote: Ildikó Kóródiné Kovács, Szilvia Sarkadi-Nagy
    These dates should be entered in your calendar if you would like to proceed in time with your PIT return. More about us
  • transfer pricing

    Changes in transfer prices in 2018

    | Wrote: László Killik, Renáta Béres
    The two-stage structure becomes mandatory, which in realty has three levels: Master File; Local File, CbCR report More about us

    | Wrote: Ágnes Kása-Forgács
    10 QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT ACCOUNTANT. What are some good questions an enterprise should ask when choosing an accountant? More about us

    Introduction of "60- Day Rule" for determining Cyprus Tax Residency

    | Wrote: MGI Worldwide News
    In July 2017, the Cyprus House of Representatives has voted an amendment to the Income tax law by introducing the “60‐day rule” as a second test for determining the Cyprus tax residency of individuals. More about us
  • Audit obligation 2017

    Audit obligation 2017

    | Wrote: Vera Czabán, László Killik
    When is auditing obligatory? Who appoints the auditor? Who can be appointed as auditor? The obligation of auditing can be required by several laws in Hungary, but the first and most important of these is the Accounting Act. An undertaking that is subject to audit under the Accounting Act must entrust an auditor to audit their annual or abbreviated financial statements. More about us

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