Client Satisfaction 2016

Client Satisfaction 2016

Satisfaction is quite subjective: many things may influence how satisfied we feel about a particular service. Everyone would like their expectations to be met a bit differently. At BPO we believe our personalized services are one of our strengths beside our high level of professional knowledge. That is why we have paid special attention to our clients’ satisfaction from the beginning asking them from time to time to give us a feedback: what we do well and what areas would require improvement.

We prepared our current survey in 2016 as well: we made our online questionnaire available for all our clients between September and November. During this period clients had the opportunity to give us detailed feedback on a voluntary basis.

Client Satisfaction 2016

What services our clients who completed this survey purchase from BPO?*

Some statistics on the basis of the replies received

This time 83 clients honored us with spending time and energy to complete our survey.

Participants in this survey use accounting (78,3%), audit (33,7%), payroll and labor (56,6%), and consulting services (27,7%) of BPO portfolio. (*Among the respondents there are some who make use of more than one service.)

Most of the respondents (38,6%) have made use of our services for 1-3 years. It is apparent from the answers that our clients are open to other services as well beside those used so far and the majority of the respondents (79,5%) would recommend BPO to their acquaintances. They find their BPO contacts amiable, friendly and helpful – almost 80% of the respondents fully agree with that.

We can be proud that the most common characteristics written of BPO team were as follows: reliable, accurate, precise and correct. In addition, what was also often mentioned was flexible, professional, thorough, knowledgeable and efficient.

Many thanks to all the respondents for taking part in this survey helping us to continue to provide high quality services.