Networking, knowledge sharing and exchanging experiences in a great international professional community

For the fourth time, our global network of independent international accounting, auditing and tax consulting firms, MGI Worldwide with CPAAI organized MGI Talent Meeting, a gathering of top professionals at the beginning of February in Paris. This was the third time that our talented colleagues have represented our company at this event. The numerous professional presentations provided an opportunity for nearly 100 delegates of the network to network with members from all over the world in this high-quality meeting, gaining international insight and knowledge in accounting, taxation and auditing.

mgi cpaai auditing accounting firm international allianz
Zsuzsanna Bikki – Senior accountant – Accounting section

I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to attend MGI Talent Meeting this year as I have heard a lot of good thmember of the international mgi cpaaiings about it from my colleagues. I was a little anxious about whether I can cope with the international environment, but fortunately for no reason. I found myself in a very supportive environment at the conference. The meeting started on Thursday evening with a joint dinner, so the next day we could already greet a few acquaintances.

Friday was mainly about networking: we got to know each other in a controlled way. At my desk I met an English, French, Luxembourg and Finnish colleague, and during the day I also had Polish, Czech, Slovak and Belgian interlocutors. In the meantime, interesting lectures enriched the day: people from different countries presented their typical business, technical innovations in the profession and MGI’s present and future vision. In the afternoon we had a professional roundtable discussion on the future of accounting, which we sought to address together. It was very interesting to hear about the difficulties accountants are facing across Europe concerning the future of the profession and the ways in which we can help each other.

I think that this meeting had a real community-building force, showing how the organization of MGI can support our day-to-day work and there are professionals all around the world we can join to think together.

Then we spent the weekend in Paris trying to see everything possible in two days. We had a lot of fun both during the Talent Meeting and over the weekend.

bpo audit tax member of mgi cpaai
Adrienn Csonka – Senior Audit Assistant – Audit section

I was honored to represent BPO with a collegue of mine at the 2020 MGI Talent Meeting in Paris. In addition to presentations on various professional and networking topics, we could gain insights into the professional features of some countries through presentations of enterprising representatives of those countries. A few examploes of topics that were covered: The German colleagues talked about the tax dispute about the VAT rate on pretzels sold at Oktoberfest and that they have nearly 200 tax laws. Bulgarians have verinternational audit firm member hungaryy low tax rates and Swedesd have no polar bears, but it is thanks to them that we have IKEA. One of the topics of the British was the Brexit’s impact on imports and exports.

We could get to know the different countries and their representatives not only through the presentations they made, but also through face-to-face chats. I personally talked to more than 10 people directly, and in a smaller group at the audit roundtable, we exchanged our views on audit.

The full-day meeting was over in a blink of an eye and we spent the weekend sightseeing in Paris. Attending the Talent Meeting was very inspiring, it was great to meet new people, gain new knowledge and broaden my horizons. Last but not least, it is a great opportunity to practice English, I have been speaking much more confidently in English since the meeting, which I have since had the opportunity to profit from in the course of my work. In conclusion, all I can say is that I had a great time and am happy to have been able to attend the Talent Meeting and can recommend it to everyone.


mgi talent meeting 2020

According to BPO Partner Laszlo Killik, it is important that our colleagues represent BPO every year at the Talent Meeting, because it is a great opportunity for young talented colleagues to build international relationships and gain insight into global trends affecting their profession, whether  it is accounting, auditing, marketing or even increasing customer engagement. At BPO, we give our colleagues opportunities to acquire the knowledge and social capital that will provide them with a unique career.