The service most commonly used by the companies is accounting. Based on our experience, the followings are necessary to a successful cooperation between the companies and the accounting:

Only continuous communication between effective accounting and the management can be the basis of full accounting and transactions properly identified. The time spent on consultation is recovered many times in our daily work.

Information technology, innovation service
Accounting today requires more and more complex IT background and knowledge. An IT investment offers a quick return in areas of finance and accounting. Valuable consultancy time can be saved with the integration of the systems and the quality of service can be improved by spending more on other areas. It is now essential due to the increasing information needs and legal obligations.

Available knowledge
In the execution of the daily accounting tasks there can be situations when a speialist with more professional knowledge is to be involved. It ensures high security for a company that such professionals can be invloved at any time if necessary.

Industrial experience
Using the experiences gained in accounting and taxation, not only the effency of the service can be improved, but also real value can be created. To resolve uncertainty relating to a tax law change, official tax statements, tax audit experiences and best practices help to cause rapid solutions.

International relations
In business today it is commonplace that a transaction invloves international tax issues and it may be necessary to contact a tax advisor of another country.

Customer-made solutions
The operation of a company is determined by the industry in which they operate, the competition, the available sources and largely the corporate goals. Such services should be developed which can support these objectives, taking into account the characteristics of the operation.

We have refined and developed our accounting services on the basis of the experiences we gained in more than 15 years in order to provide safe and effective solutions for our clients. As part of accounting, our everyday tasks include the preparation of financial and management reports according to the Hungarian and other international accounting standards (IFRS, USGAAP, HGB). Our colleagues can communicate in Hungarian, English and German to serve the clients' needs.

Customer Support Solutions

As strongly committed to high quality services, we do our work in an environmentally responsible manner, cost and effectively. That’s why we receive our Clients’ invoices through an online file sharing system.
As the tax authority also requests invoices in PDF format in a tax inspection, our Clients can send us the necessary documents to us in accordance with the requirements of the tax authority in a safe way, online, saving money and time.

If necessary, we can provide the necessary software, but we are familiar with other software as well, should the need arise. The software we provide is Kulcs-Soft system, which has the advantage of additional functions beside the standard ones.

We use the following software in our office on a daily basis: SAP, SAP Business One

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