Long Weekends and Related Work Schedule Changes in 2018

The main features of the year 2018 in terms of labor:
• 6 weekdays will have to be worked on Saturdays, which will be a record high number of Saturdays when employees will have to work. As a comparison, this year, for example, no weekdays have to be worked on Saturday.
• We will have 9 (!) long weekends. (In 2017 there will be three 3-day and two 4-day weekends.)

Where does this figure come from?

Since holidays in 2018 will often fall to the middle of the week, the concept of work schedule is to have more long weekends with consecutive holidays, but in return a Saturday before or after the long weekend is declared a workday.

Long Weekends and Related Work Schedule Changes in 2018 in HungaryLet’s see which Saturdays will be officially workdays:
March 10, 2018
April 21, 2018
October 13, 2018
November 10, 2018
December 1, 2018
December 15, 2018

The days granted to connect the public holidays with the weekend will be as follows:
March 16, 2018 Friday rest day
April 30, 2018 Monday rest day
October 22, 2018 Monday rest day
November 2, 2018 Friday rest day
December 24, 2018 Monday rest day
December 31, 2018 Monday rest day

March 15 –We will celebrate the commemoration of the revolution in 1948-49 with a 4-day long weekend.
Easter (March 30 – April 2) – This holiday follows the lunar calendar; in 2018 it will come very early. We’ll have 4 days to celebrate Easter.
Labor Day (May 1 – This day will fall on Tuesday, but Monday will also be granted to make for a 4-day weekend.
Pentecost: (May 20-21) – If we start May with a holiday, we’ll close it with another one, so we’ll have a 3-day weekend Pentecost Monday.
Augustus 20 – St. Stephen’s Day will fall on Monday, so we’ll again have a 3-day weekend.
October 23 – Commemoration of the revolution in 1956 will fall on Tuesday, but we’ll work off Monday earlier, so there will be a 4-day break.
All Hallows Day (Nov. 1.) – It will fall on Thursday, Friday will have to worked off on a Saturday, so there will be a 4–day break.
Christmas – (Dec. 24-26.)- Next year Christmas season will last until Wednesday: as Monday, December 24 will be worked off earlier, thanks to the 5-day holiday, we can start the preparations already at the weekend.
New Year’s Eve and Day – (Dec. 31-Jan. 01) We’ll say goodbye to 2018 on Monday and can refresh ourselves on Tuesday, so a 4-day long weekend will take us over to the next year.

But how much work is ahead of us in the coming year? Well, compared to the previous years, we will work less, because
in case of an 8-hour working day, we’ll work a total of 250 working days, that is 2000 hours.
261 paid days – with paid holidays, which is 2088 paid hours.