Book of Lists 2013/2014

The Budapest Business Journal issues every year its Book of Lists publication, which is one of the most thorough business information publication in the market. This year is the first time when BPO services were listed among the audit, accounting and tax consulting services.

The publication compare more than 2500 companies’ data in 100 different field. It is a special pleasure for us that BPO is listed in the TOP 20 in the different lists of auditors, accountants and tax consultants while thousands of companies operates in Hungary in this sector.

Despite all of this, we think that not the size is the most important, but sometimes it is essential to be able to perform an engagement securely. The fact that our services listed in several fields of the TOP 20 shows that our Clients can rely safety on our comprehensive knowledge. It is still not our goal to compete with the “big” audit firms because it is more important to us to provide unique and tailor made solutions.