Give good and give well instead of ‘it’s good to give’

Christmas time is one of the most heart-warming periods of the year; no wonder that the desire to give is at its peak this time. Whether as individuals or companies, we are happy to give to others. It’s typical in the business sector that both clients and service providers send small gifts, sweets or wine in gift box to each other at this time of the year. It’s indisputable that these are nice gestures, but it’s worth considering whether this gesture creates a real value.

This year BPO has decided to donate the amount intended for such gifts for the support of a charity project.

How should companies select an organization or cause?

Donation is undoubtedly based on trust, so first we asked our colleagues to recommend causes on the basis of their personal experiences. In addition that we think it is important to involve our colleagues in such decisions, it is also import to ask them because in this way, we can select from recommendations with personal attachment. We know where the donation actually goes. With the help of the contacts, we could get to know specific projects and can see what the donation will be spent on.
And here comes the most difficult and most beautiful part as well…

It is difficult to choose from recommendations that touched our heart even if we include several of them to BPO’s CSR activities. After stump speeches and thorough investigation, the choice was made easy for us when we realized that the considerations of Wesley János Elementary School and ours meet and it was a wonderful experience.

We found this really forward-looking idea on which the kitchen project of the school is based through the maintainers of the school, Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület (Charitable Association). This school where disadvantaged children living in extreme poverty are educated would like to look at donations in a different way – not as ad ad hoc possibility, but as the first step to self-maintenance.

In addition to being a significant help for these organizations, donations cannot be planned and sometimes not even pragmatic, but if there is a proper business plan, which Wesley János Elementary School has, donations may mean a way out from this vulnerable situation. They would like to renovate and transform their existing kitchen that is now only for warming up food to be able to cook food as well, so that – to point out only two of the main purposes – children could get quality food and due to food delivery service, they could make profit as well to make the economical operation of the school more predictable and less dependent.
What they already have:

  • a kitchen (needs renovation), no rental agreement
  • operating permit for a kitchen where food is warmed up
  • some devices
  • support for creating a business plan
  • marketing and graphic design support
  • partnership contracts in progress (e.g. with Netpincér)
  • the school’s innovative management
  • motivation

What they need:

  • renovation
  • purchase of mechanical equipment

This year BPO has donated HUF 500,000 for the purchase of mechanical equipment to the kitchen project of Wesley János Elementary School.

If you would also like to support the kitchen project of Wesley Elementary School, please contact the school:


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