2021 NAV Inspection Focus Areas

NAV continues to choose companies for risk-based inspection, using its ever-expanding data assets.
Screening companies that specialize in tax evasion will remain a priority.

The following activities will receive special attention in 2021:
• construction,
• trade in computer products,
• trade in motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts,
• trade in vegetables and fruits,
• trade in duty-free excise goods.

In addition, due to the changes in legislation in 2021, companies engaged in e-commerce will remain in NAV’s focus.

The use of tax benefits will be examined by NAV in 2021 as well.

Monitoring of cross-border transactions will continue on the basis of data received in the international exchange of information. In practice, this means examining the reporting obligations for intra-community transactions.
Low tax-bracket enterprises choosing to pay a fixed-rate tax and their partners will continue to be investigated this year to eliminate hidden employment. Taxpayers can also expect to be checked if they have met the stricter administrative obligations in 2021.

An inquiry is expected under the supportive procedure if the tax authority finds a discrepancy between the number of employees registered with NAV and the number of contribution returns (return No T1041-08) submitted.
According to the data of the international exchange of information, the tax authority is also interested in the persons/entities required to pay tax in Hungary.

Compliant taxpayers will still have the opportunity to identify errors and deficiencies, voluntarily correct them and submit self-audits without penalty.

If you want to improve the taxation and accounting of your business and prepare on time for a tax inspection, contact BPO for support.