Registration in “Cégkapu” – go-live

Registration of enterprises can only be initiated online at The deadline for registration is August 30, 2017, but this deadline is expected to be extended until the end of December without penalty.

Who is required to register in “Cégkapu”?

The online registration in “Cégkapu” can only be applied to companies included in the company register, so individual entrepreneurs are not required to register in “Cégkapu”.
Online registration should be done by the company representative in his/her own name. When registering, the content of the Deed of Foundation shall apply, i.e. if there is joint procuration in the Deed of Foundation, the registration may be made only by two of the persons empowered to represent the company expressing their mutual intention: the first is the person who makes the registration and the second is who approves it.

The registration process

The registration that does not take more than 2 minutes consists of a few short steps; not much is needed:

1. After identifying the representative of the company in “Ügyfélkapu” (Customer Portal)=>
2. and providing the approvals, the tax number of the company and the email address to be used for contact =>
3. the system only requests basic information about the representative of “Cégkapu”, that is the administrator of this special web portal, who, since one account can have only one Representative, it is recommended that the Managing Director/Chief Financial Officer should be the Representative=>
4. and the registration is done.

When selecting an email address, it is worth considering that the entity provides official access to the authorities with the email address, so you may want to create an email address specifically for this purpose, but in any case provide an email address that you will check on a regular basis.

The acknowledgement sent after the successful registration (on the greeting page, by email and in a downloadable PDF summary) includes, among other things, a unique registration ID number, with which information on the relevant registration and “Cégkapu” can be obtained by contacting the customer service on telephone number 1818.

The hosting service required by registration will start only on December 1, 2017, i.e. the “Cégkapu” account will be running from then (this is the time when the data needed for entry is expected to arrive (by that time the surface itself should also be ready).

The compulsory use of “Cégkapu” for entites is scheduled to begin on 1 January 2018.